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Procedures for each study abroad program are different, so the information below is to provide general guidelines regarding the part of the study abroad process known as pre-departure.


All students must read the Study Abroad Guide

Acceptance Documents
Host Institutions have various acceptance letters and procedures. Your acceptance documentation will either be emailed to you directly or sent to the Global Education Office (GEO).  The office will contact you when acceptance materials arrive. 
  • All students will receive an official acceptance from the international program to which they are applying, either via email or letter.
  • Most programs require the student to “Respond to Offer,” within a specified time frame.
  • Most programs provide housing information several weeks (longer during the summer) after they issue the official acceptance letter.
  • The Official Letter of Acceptance issued by the host institution, is often needed by the student for their visa application.
  • An Official Study Abroad or Embassy Letter is also issued by the Global Education Office to assist the student in their visa application and Immigration/Customs at the port of entry.


Check out your host institution’s program page to link to their housing options!  All students will have their housing arrangements confirmed before departure. Student housing options are dependent on the program in which they are participating. Options include:
  • On-campus residence halls (dormitories) or student apartments
  • Off-campus apartments (flats)
  • Host family or boarding house

Living on-campus (if an option) is strongly encouraged. Universities located in metropolitan areas often do not offer on-campus housing, so students are housed in apartment buildings located within convenient commuting distance to campus. Universities offering homestay opportunities to students are responsible for the screening of the host family. A request for a change in housing arrangements may be made should a student be placed in a housing or homestay situation they find to be unacceptable.


The following documents must be completed and returned to the Global Education Office before the student leaves WC at the end of the semester:
  • Course Approval form signed by Department Chairs and Advisor
  • Confirmation of Participation signed
  • Signed Confirmation of Enrollment & Risk and Waiver Liability forms
  • Proof of STEP enrollment

Arrival Information

Your host institution will supply details of arrival procedures. Please make sure to carefully review the information sent to you by your host university.