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Financial Information

Keeping Study Abroad Affordable

All of our Study Abroad Programs are Tuition-Exchange programs. This means that you still pay your tuition to Washington College, as you normally would for a semester here in Chestertown, for your semester overseas. This way, you will KEEP ALL scholarships, loans, grants, financial aid, etc. 
There are 3 different variations of this exchange model:
  1. Tuition-Only
  2. Tuition/Room 
    1. Lingnan University, Hong Kong
    2. Yonsei University, South Korea
  3. Full Exchange
    1. Rhodes University, South Africa
    2. Al Akhawayn University, Morocco
    3. University of Oulu, Finland
Please see the full explanation of these Exchange Types on our separate page. 


In addition to the Tuition-Exchange model, Washington College also has several scholarships our students can apply for to lessen the cost of study abroad (namely airfare and other travel costs). Please see the page for details concerning scholarships and their deadlines.