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Grades and Credits Abroad

All credits and grades transfer back to your Washington College degree and education as long as the classes align with the Washington College curriculum. Courses taken abroad must be approved by the appropriate Department Chair prior to the classes being added to your transcript. It is ultimately up to Registrar’s Office to record this credit on the transcript. Your program page on this website outlines the way your course grades and credits will transfer back; this information will also be made available to you through the Study Abroad Canvas course.

Courses awarded 3 or more credits at Washington College can be counted towards major, minor, and distribution requirements. Make sure to bring back a syllabus and other supporting documentation if you feel a course you take abroad may be considered for a writing intensive requirement. Some institutions offer courses/modules for fewer credits than the Washington College curriculum supports. With Department Chair permission, there is the possibility of combining two courses that are worth fewer than 3 credits to count towards the aforementioned requirements.

If a course abroad does not directly correlate with a WAC course, a department chair can approve it as a special topics course, but they must specify whether it counts as 300-level or 400-level.

It is your responsibility to get your courses pre-approved before the end of classes the semester before you travel. If you are unable to do so, make sure to follow the guidelines on the Study Abroad Approval Form on how to get courses approved while off-campus. 

Students cannot do an internship for academic credit without approval prior to departure. This is non-negotiable. 

Courses should not be taken pass/fail without the permission of your Academic Advisor. Please adhere to the policies for taking a course pass/fail in the Washington College Course Catalog.