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While Abroad

You’ve arrived!  

After countless hours of worry and work, you are now abroad and embarking on a life changing experience! While you are abroad, enjoy yourself, push yourself, and seek out cultural opportunities that are both fun and educational.  
  • Find a local cafe where you go and read the newspaper everyday or chat with the servers.
  • Join a student organization or sports group where you get to explore the region and meet people from the country where you are studying.  
  • If you are in a non-English speaking country, find a language partner and meet weekly to discuss current events and practice your language skills.  
  • Go to see a local band, a movie from your host country, or an art exhibit.  
  • Find a local Rotary organization in your host country and ask to attend a meeting.  

The list of things and experiences that await you are endless. You are in the driver’s seat - - the roads you take and what you get to see and do are up to you! 

International Office at Host Institution

The International Office at your host institution is there to provide assistance and guidance for your semester abroad. Please contact them with questions. If your concerns are not getting addressed in a satisfactory manner, please email the Director of the Global Education Office.   

Host Institution Orientation

Host institutions offer various degrees of orientation, ranging from one day to one week. On-site orientation should include guidance and directions on:
  • Course registration procedures and general academics
  • Campus or university life
  • Student clubs and activities
  • Banking options
  • Internet/phone availability and options
  • Medical services and facilities
  • Tour of town or city


Information from Washington College

You will receive email correspondence throughout the semester from Washington College. Email is the only way that communication will be sent, so please make sure to check your email regularly. You will receive correspondence regarding the following:

Housing at WC for the semester you return:
  • Room draw information in the spring semester or room choice in the fall semester. You will be in correspondence with Residential Life regarding your housing.  
Course Registration at WC for the semester you return:
  • Please be in touch with your Academic Advisor regarding course selection for the upcoming semester.  You will choose your courses, be in email correspondence with your Advisor, and then register on-line. If you are concerned about internet connections while abroad, please reach out to your Academic Advisor regarding course registration.

Voting While Abroad

Voting while studying abroad can seem like a challenge, but there are several ways to ensure that students are able to exercise their democratic rights by being registered and able to vote in their federal, state, and local elections!

Registering or updating your registration to vote from abroad differs from voting as an in-state absentee voter. By registering as voting from abroad, voters can receive their ballots 45 days before the election and via email rather than by post – this greatly eases the return process and any potential delays in the international postal system.

Requesting an overseas ballot isn't hard to do and it only takes a few minutes. Voters just need to fill out the one-page Federal Post Card Application. Voters can use Vote From Abroad, a user-friendly English and Spanish language non-partisan service that offers FAQs as well as state-by-state registration guides. The site also offers a photo signature option that allows most voters to submit the form via their phone or computer without having to print it out. Alternatively, students can fill out the Federal Post Card Application at