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College-Sponsored International Travel Forms

If you are a faculty or staff member taking students on a College-sponsored international trip or a student going abroad independently on a College grant, you will need to collect the following forms and send scans to GEO before departure.
  GEO recommends that you enroll in the STEP program before you leave.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance and Travel Assistance Servicess are provided to all students, faculty, and staff traveling on a College sponsored and approved program and is distributed through Chubb (formally known as ACE).  This insurance information should be kept with you at all times during the program in case of emergency.  This insurance plan covers medical emergencies as well as emergency evacuations. 

In Case of Incident

Incident Report- This document is to be used if there is an incident during the program.  Maintaining a record of problems and incidents that arise during the program are important.  Maintaining proper documentation of incidents that do occur would assist other offices at Washington College if there was any follow-up needed with students and families after the program ends.